Powerful Decisions

Career Transitions / Career Outplacement

This service concerns all professionals and leaders who are at a Crossroad wishing to take the plunge into a new challenging work experience or profession. You often wake up in the morning feeling unhappy, bored, uninterested or aloof, before heading out or not to our work. These emotions in particular, among many others, are the main reasons undermining your productivity, leaving you feeling exhausted and unable to finish your assignments or even wanting to quit and find any other alternatives. You might also realize that this mind set is reflecting on all the aspects of your life.
Crossroad is qualified to lead you in finding or rediscovering that professional sizzle. At Crossroad, we believe that your future still awaits, regardless of your current career status. For this purpose, you will undergo a process of career counseling and coaching whether your aim is to change your profession or your perspectives.

10 sessions are needed in order for you to make powerful career-related decisions setting the path and course your life will take. These sessions include:
– Coaching intended to free you from all obstacles keeping you from achieving professional success, not to mention that these sessions will not only focus on topics concerning your career but on all life challenges.
– Psychometric tests in uncovering your unique personality attributes and finding what are the job preferences that match your personality.
– Career counseling intended to help you in your next job search, certificates and trainings which you might need..

Crossroad will help you also in rewriting your professional resumé, when needed, with the assistance of expert CV writers.

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