CSR -Corporate Social Responsibilities-

Crossroad is proud to take part in the Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR – program. At Crossroad, we endeavor constantly to reach out to nonprofit NGOs as well as civil society associations working on the reintegration of marginalized women and young people into society..

This is comprehensive program, will be carried out on two different levels: the first targeting the organizations’ heads, managers and staff through group coaching sessions, while the second is intended to empower the individuals cared for by the means of one-on-one coaching sessions.

The aim of these sessions is to maintain the will, determination and power to relentlessly keep serving the cause. Crossroad will help you take your plans to another wider level and broaden your scope of activities to reach a larger group of individuals. Leaders will be created, actions will be implemented and your voice will be heard all throughout the nation.

Group sessions will help you build a positive thinking style, bond with your team, acquire powerful presenting skills and so much more.

One-on-One coaching sessions will be this extra push that those individuals desperately need to overcom obstacles, eliminate believes which are preventing them from making great strides and instill in them the will and power to realize positive change.

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