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Empowering Women

Crossroad believes in the gift of being a woman. Therefore, the deep understanding that every woman is born unique in her own powers is enrooted in our values. Whether you are a mother, an executive working mom, a stay-at-home-wife, a professional or whatever label you use to describe yourself, at Crossroad you are regarded as an exceptional human being. Do you remember a time when you were so powerful and content that the world seemed like your oyster? Do you want to claim that sense of self-purpose? Who do you miss being? Or what do you miss doing?

Some scientific facts and figures might help shed light on the reality that women endure in the workplace. A major European study, covering over 30 countries, reported that depression in middle-aged women had doubled in the past 40 years because women are faltering under the pressures of having to juggle job and family responsibilities

Indeed, us women are so generous and giving We like to play the superhero of our relationship by striving again and again to make sure that our partner and children’s life is seamless on the one hand and spare no effort in giving it our all in our professional life on the other. We tend to mold our values and personalities to accommodate others, meanwhile we just forget to grant ourselves the least of our rights which is time and thus we lose our happiness and our balance in life.
Are you ready to declare to yourself and to the whole world that this is the right time for You to take care of You? We at Crossroad, and with 10 sessions spread over 3 months, are ready to coach you to regain your full powers, claim back your values, evoke and maintain this transformation.

You will be learning methods and tools into expanding yourself to feel whole and be fulfilled and contagiously spread that power. Let the world witness the New You!!

It was an outstanding session. I am so happy I was there. Thank you Dana for the invite. You are a natural talent. I enjoyed it and learned something new. I hope I can action that balance in my life.. So inspiring. Ruba Mosleh Microsoft Dubai

Ruba Mosleh, Microsoft Dubai

You have a beautiful face and beautiful soul. Make people feel welcome and relaxed. “Anonymous Mother, Dubai”

Anonymous Mother, Dubai

I did enjoy the class very much. It was a bit hesitant as I was the only one outside, maybe the Middle East culture or different ethnicity; but was made feel very welcome and warm. I met quit a few beautiful ladies. So would like to thank Silkor and Crossroad for this experience. “Shamim. Dubai”

Shamim, Dubai

You made me step out of my life to see it in a 3D way."Dubai"

Anonymous woman, Dubai

The group was spontaneous, open and friendly as well. The coach was very thoughtful and passionate; well prepared. Very nice exercises and great push for the “New Me” Dubai

Anonymous Woman, Dubai

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