Welcome to the life coaching experience by Dana Zaarour

Whenever you are on a Crossroad and hear a voice inside you saying: “I can do it” hold on to it, believe in it and build on it. And that will be only the start… The magic of the transformation is waiting for you right after the Crossroad.

The Life Coaching Adventure with Professional Challenges

Crossroad is a place where people are empowered to express their dreams and explore their potential. It is a comfortable environment for individuals to face their challenges and meet their passion while holding on to their values. Know more about our services

Powerful Decisions

Career Transitions/Career Outplacement

Crossroad is qualified to lead you in finding or rediscovering that professional sizzle. At Crossroad, we believe that your future still awaits, regardless of your current career status. For this purpose, you will undergo a process of career counseling and coaching whether your aim is to change your profession or your perspectives.

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New You

Empowering Women

You will be learning methods and tools into expanding yourself to feel whole and be fulfilled and contagiously spread that power. Let the world witness the New You!!

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Up & Running

Career Coaching and Counseling Students

Are you a student from the 9th grade all the way to university and college? Are you a young person eager to be on the right track towards the career of their dreams? Then look no further, this service is just what the doctor prescribed.

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Crossroad is proud to take part in the Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR – program. At Crossroad, we endeavor constantly to reach out to nonprofit NGOs as well as civil society associations working on the reintegration of marginalized women and young people into society..

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In the media

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